Cool Birds

Cool Birds

The coolest birds in the canopy are seriously chilling. Invite these deliciously "feathered" friends to swoop in the next time you host a party.


Makes 1.
• 1 large scoop [TopBrandName] SLOW CHURNED® Chocolate Light Ice Cream
• 1 medium scoop [TopBrandName] SLOW CHURNED® Chocolate Light Ice Cream
• 2 orange slice candies
• 2 black jelly beans
• 1 orange jelly bean
• 1 chocolate cookie, cut in half
• canned whipped cream


  1. Place large scoop of ice cream on a plate to make the body of the bird. Top with medium scoop for the head of the bird.
  2. Arrange orange slices for bird's feet.
  3. Place black jelly beans for eyes and orange jelly bean for nose.
  4. Press cookie halves into sides of large scoop of ice cream for wings.
  5. Spray whipped cream onto the large scoop for bird's belly, and more cream onto plate for snow. Serve immediately or freeze.

Fun Tip: Set out a selection of candies and cookies. Provide scoops of ice cream for kids to create their own "animal friends," such as bears, mice, owls, turtles…